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Herman and Carl made samples to be photographed for a book. I took dictation from them describing a method of creating beautiful "homemade" articles. I soon learned that Herman (or "Gabe") was also getting a divorce. We started having lunch together. Our divorces culminated at about the same time and by then we were in love. As I hesitated on being married again, Gabe got the license. We got married on May 9, 1925.

It was about 1943 that we sold our home in Detroit and moved to Denver, Colorado. We bought a lovely small home about a mile from downtown on two acres of land. When we got settled we attended a church called the White Temple, a church of philosophy. One day Gabe was busy painting in our kitchen and I was typing in our living room. He came into the living room with a painting of a beautiful goddess. He said "Look at what I've painted." He had not painted anything like it before (portraits). I said "Look at what I've written." It turned out to be a message from Isis.

We were both surprised, but as time went on, this happened quite often. One of the paintings Gabe made in one room while I typed in another was the Old Man of the Mountains. Gabe and I, being somewhat ambiguous about the existence of these extraordinary entities while in a meditative state, decided to make the following challenge to the entity represented in the Old Man of the Mountains painting: "If you will bring all the squirrels in the neighborhood here tomorrow, we will feed them."

The next day, all day long, hundreds of squirrels came - old one, young ones, crippled ones - we put corn and nuts outside our kitchen window and provided a way for them to climb up to the window. At sundown all the nuts and corn had been eaten and after that, only the regular squirrels came daily for food. We were convinced that we were in touch with a powerful force of nature!

After the war we sold our home in Denver and returned to Detroit. We found a two-family home on Wing Street near the Main Street across from the City Hall. We loved it and lived there until Herman passed in 1957 and I retired from Ford Motor Company in 1964.

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