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Gabriel on Meditation:

Meditate on the omnipresence of God, on the incontrovertible fact that while there are billions of human beings on earth, each and all can, at any time, still himself, and call on that Presence...

This phenomenon, known through countless ages, has led some founders of faith to declare that man's higher self is God, but others, more illuminated, have discovered that man's higher self is always in tune with his divine source; therefore, to realize the ultimate Self is to Live in the Presence, not for brief moments of bliss, but continuously.

This Living in the Presence is the zenith of power and peace: the state of consciousness in which everything that is necessary manifests and everything that is unnecessary is repudiated as impediments to the life of the Spirit.

Meditation is the inner temple of wisdom. In it one seeks counsel: first of oneself before the acquisition of the power to still the mind, then of the silence of the All Knowing.

Excerpt from Book of Meditation, by Earl Barr, 1927 - Introduction by Herman Gabriel