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I am of the family of Venus, which represents purity.
I have put on the mantle of flesh many times - once in every age, to bring truth into the earth planet. The color white is my life symbol. I symbolize the highest state of purity obtainable by humanity, and would be incomplete without the perfect male principle, symbolized by the Christ.

In every age I have given birth to the Christ through purity, and this everyone must do before they themselves are 'Christed'. I choose a woman with a pure mind and one who is on the Path to Initiation and is born for the purpose of creating the Christ child. Christ is born in us through purity of mind and body and an intense desire to know Truth and obtain Light. This is the Path to Initiation.

People of all ages worship me without knowing why. In every cycle there are many Souls ready to receive the message I bring. But it is not worship of the physical form, for in reality I am not physical. I merely draw around myself, that which is my Soul, a substance or combination of elemental particles, and make visible my astral body.

There are astral and material elements in the ether surrounding you at all times and when you are enlightened, you can, at will, assemble these to form anything you desire. If this knowledge were to be given to unenlightened Souls they could do much harm, as the thing they want is not always the right thing. So the Planetary Gods in their wisdom have hidden this knowledge and only when one becomes an Initiated Christ can this method be known.

The body of Jesus, like myself and Osiris, is not a material body but is the vibration of the Soul Essence slowed down to the earth vibration, to a visible rate at all times. That is why it is often necessary for Spirit Soul to disappear from familiar places occasionally.

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