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My name is Melchizedek and I am of the Hebrew race. At the time of this portrait I was about 175 years old. I was born in Atlantii ² and educated in their monasteries of the Brotherhood and learned their Key of Life which I later taught to a few chosen ones later in Egypt.

I was copper color and had light brown hair and blue eyes. I was about 6 ½ feet tall and very thin. My weight, we have no way of being accurate, but I should judge, was about 130. Our Brotherhood lived on whole grains, fruit and herbs. We were well acquainted with electricity and had a system of creating light in our monastery that would astonish you. We knew how to combine the elements and minerals and had many wonderful inventions that the world will not tune in on for a long time yet as these inventions are so great and so wonderful that they could destroy the whole world and if made known, certain powers would use them for this very purpose.

You must know that the Black Forces, knowing they shall never attain Nirvana, would use every power in their command to destroy the entire world and its people thinking they were getting revenge for their own evil by so doing, so until evil has dissipated itself we must constantly guard Spiritual Truth and cover it with the cloth of uncertainty so that only those worthy of knowing shall be permitted to see through the cloth.

As I chose to be one of the Brotherhood, I did not look upon woman for wife but rather thought of all whom I should later instruct as my children. During my training I participated in many sports to bring every muscle into perfect harmony. I had to have perfect control of my physical self before training of the Spiritual Self started. I was well schooled in the arts as well as the science of the day and our religion was to have such perfect control of the physical man that we could commune with the Christos within our own temple at any time.

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