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I am the Female Buddha
I represent the female aspect of the ONE life. When the Soul is fully enlightened by wisdom, virtue and selflessness, there is a perfect blending of the male and female principle.

Buddha represents the principle of attainment whether it be that of a male body or a female body. Earth people so often picture perfect Soul union with Spirit as dwelling in a male body, such as Gautama or Jesus or other great male teachers.

The outpouring of the Female Buddha is to make you more conscious that the body through which Spirit expresses can be either sex and that there must be a perfect blending of the male and female emotions of the body in order to attain the state called Nirvana.

All Souls will ultimately reach the state of Nirvana when they are enlightened. When the Laws of the Universe are perfectly obeyed and the earth roots are completely severed, then the Soul will be entirely free from the emotions of the earth and will then enter the Etheric Consciousness which is the state of wisdom or knowing truth - or reality.

By knowing truth and willing to live it each day we learn to love all forms of creation and to help those who are ready and in need of help. This is true LOVE and is of the Spirit.

Paintings are created to inspire Souls to live on a higher plane of consciousness. Portraits of Enlightened Ones have a high vibration. All paintings have a vibration - some peaceful and some disturbing. These vibrations are reflections of the Soul's progress. We identify with what we see, hear and feel in either a positive or negative manner.


Automatic Writing message received by Bea Gabriel on July 7, 1973

Automatic Writing: wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_writing