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The God (S) of Water

I have been known by many names, two of the most familiar being Jupiter and Neptune.

As Jupiter, the Supreme Rain Giver - I filled the low places of the planet Earth with water and continue to do so as Spirit inclines. All life began in the water and later moved to more solid energies where it diversified and multiplied. Fish, one of the first life forms to exist in water, was given the instinct to procreate, thus providing humans with abundant food and nourishment.

To mention a few of the many benefits of water:

  • It quenches the thirst
  • It cleanses and purifies the form
  • It acts as a means of transportation
  • It is a conduit for electricity
  • The gentle movement of its waves creates a feeling of quietude and oneness with the ALL, while the strong billows give a feeling of strength and power.

As Neptune, the Wise Man of the Seas, Oceans, and other bodies of water - I act as the Guardian of ships and sailors protecting them in stormy weather. My face in the waters symbolizes Eternal Life, or Divine Spirit moving across the Face of the Waters. When seen by Humans as a vision, they are renewed in Spirit, given strength and courage, and surrounded by a feeling of safety and peace. I am grateful and blessed to represent the Face of God.

All the Planetary Gods work closely together to assist Humans in awakening to their true identity, a Being filled with Light, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Joy - GOD in Human Form.

And so IT IS.

- Message Received by Bea Gabriel, 1945