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The island on which we lived was not far from Egypt and the scenery around us was enchanting. Beautiful flowers, trees and hills were around us and birds of such beautiful plumage that I cannot describe it. Date trees were plentiful and sunshine was eternal. It was hard for us to leave such beauty but our purpose was to teach the truth we had learned so that the world would always have teachers and the Word would never die. So in about 150,000 BC, I, with a small band of followers went into Egypt and there established a temple.

The Word was taught to a few worthy students, but the majority turned from it and started a religion of their own. Many of my people went to live with the people of Egypt and new races, new creeds and new color was brought into being. The Jewish race was started in this way and the Jewish faith was the offspring of the Hebrew.

My purpose was to see that the Word, brought forth from the Godhead, would never die but would be held in sacredness until such time as all people would desire to KNOW TRUTH and LIVE TRUTH.

I left this life at the age of five hundred and sixty and passed directly to the fifth plane where I shall remain until the children of earth desire wisdom more than any other thing.

Automatic Writing ¹ message received by Bea Gabriel in reference to Gabriel’s painting of Melchizedek
Date: 1943

Automatic Writing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_writing

²Atlantii: http://www.thealternativebookshop.com/sprt0001.html

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