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Animals also have courage but not false courage. They know their limitations and do not seek opponents larger or stronger than themselves; rather, they seek smaller animals when hungry. They will fight to protect or feed their families or when frightened, but seldom at other times. Animals need my protection and so do humans.

The human would have less pain if he knew me truly. He would breathe more deeply and thereby purify his body. Every cell of the human's body needs to breathe but he does not allow it to do so and it becomes clogged and poisonous and the different organs of the body become poisonous and ill health strikes.

When humanity learns the true value of Holy Breath, they need not suffer ill health. It is true that God has given you everything you need for your well-being and if you properly value Air, Water, Fire and Earth, you need not be a slave to any other person. You can provide for your physical body and expand your Soul.

Let the light of Christ shine through you to light the entire world!

Gabe and I, being somewhat ambiguous about the existence of these extraordinary entities while in a meditative state, decided to make the following challenge to the entity represented in the Old Man of the Mountains painting: "If you will bring all the squirrels in the neighborhood here tomorrow, we will feed them."

The next day, all day long, hundreds of squirrels came - old one, young ones, crippled ones - we put corn and nuts outside our kitchen window and provided a way for them to climb up to the window. At sundown all the nuts and corn had been eaten and after that, only the regular squirrels came daily for food. We were convinced that we were in touch with a powerful force of nature!

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